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EkoPLC enabling connectivity in Spanish schools

by en mayo 7, 2010

Last year the Spanish government approved a new plan to provide computers to all students in Spanish primary schools. However as computers are shipped into the classroom, the regional governments in charge of the actual implementation are facing a challenge in creating the necessary network infrastructure.

The government of the Spanish southern region of Andalucía has found a solution to this problem in DS2 powerline technology. The Spanish company EKOPLC has been selected to enable connectivity in 500 schools in this region.

Powerline technology has great advantages compared to the other potential networking solutions. It is easy to install and supports 100% coverage through the high dynamic range and built-in automatic repeating mechanisms.  WiFi has big limitations in coverage, especially in older buildings with thick walls. Cabling the buildings is of course always an option, but it is very expensive, requiring a large initial investment and installation work is disruptive for classes and normal school business.

EKOPLC has developed a complete system and methodology for professional installations of Smart Building powerline communication networks, and are implementing this system in a great variety of scenarios worldwide. Any building or structure that needs a communication infrastructure can benefit from the low cost and simple installation of a PLC network and all without having to lay a single new cable. Some of the scenarios where EKOPLC and others have used the technology are:

  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Schools and Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Public buildings
  • Casinos
  • Ships

More information about the DS2 solution for Smart Buildings is available here. More information about EKOPLC is available here.

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